Cremoso di Riso, Zucca e Roquefort

Pumpkin risotto and Roquefort
 Smembar without sulfites, Sangiovese Superiore with no added sulfites.
Scents of bread crust and notes of hay will be enhanced by the presence of a rich cheese flavor. Soft tannins make it even more enjoyable the combination on the palate.
• 320 g of baldo organic semi-wholemeal rice
• 600 g pumpkin
• a knob of butter/olive oil
• 170 g of Roquefort
• 1 shallot
• 1/2 glass of white wine
• 2 tablespoons of granular organic vegetable broth
• salt
• pinch of nutmeg
Cut the pumpkin, stripping it of its skin of filaments and seeds, into small cubes. Meanwhile prepare a sauté of shallot in butter (or if you prefer in olive oil); reduce the sauce for 5 minutes.
If you need to add broth, previously prepared with the bio granular vegetable. Once golden, add the pumpkin previously diced. Let it cook until it is soft and will look creamy; at this point, do not forget to add a dash of nutmeg.
Then add the rice. The semi-wholemeal Organic rice bio Girolomoni is great if you want to have a grain al dente but takes a long cooking time (40/50 minutes). Pour half a glass of white wine and stir in the same direction. As the rice dries, add gradually broth. When you think of the rice is almost ready add Roquefort and whip it.

To be tasted better I recommend leaving creamy risotto.