The Secret of Resveratrol

We ofter hear of resveratrol contained in red wine. But what is it exactly? It is a substance present in the grape skins and the wine, to a greater extent in the red. It is thought that resveratrol content in certain amounts in the wine might have potential cardioprotective effects. Doctors still invite to moderate dose of wine recruited, or 2-3 glasses a day in humans, 1-2 glasses in the woman. In addition to color, the content of resveratrol in wine depends very much also from the culture medium and grape processing techniques. This substance, produced by the plant for its precious antifungal activity, is obviously more abundant in grapes not treated with fungicides and pesticides. Moreover, the content in the wine resveratrol is so superior as long as is fermented together with the skins. Other factors that influence the content of resveratrol in wine are the geographic origin, vintage, fertilization.