natoRe Riserva

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An extremely elegant bouquet with floral and fruity notes, touches of fern and bushes, iodized perfumes with roasting shades. A long lasting flavors, ample and balanced tannins with balsamic aromas. 


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DENOMINATION: Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore D.O.C. RISERVA

MATCHING: perfect with red meats, in particular with wild game, but also with salami and aged cheeses. It is a great wine to be tasted alone. 

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE VINES: Twenty year old vines, 4000 plants per hectare, cordon trained and spur-pruned

AMPELOGRAPHIC BASE: 100% Sangiovese large grape clones, selection of the best company grapes

VINIFICATION TECHNIQUES: The Sangiovese grapes are picked, blended and fermented together. Fermentation and subsequent maceration in the skins occurs in steel vats at a controlled temperature. The wine is mixed with the skins for an average 24 days.

AGING: The wine is placed in big oak which is where malolactic fermentation and subsequent aging occurs. Aging in the wooden barrels lasts for 12 months, followed by a minimum of 8 in bottles.

LONGEVITY: 15 years

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natoRe Riserva 2009 – Gambero Rosso: Vini d’Italia 2013, 2 bicchieri
natoRe Riserva 2007 – Gambero Rosso: Vini d’Italia 2011, 2 bicchieri
natoRe Riserva 2007 – Vini di Veronelli 2011, 3 stelle


Organic product by CCPB


Riserva 2011


750 ml