Cappellacci of Pumpkin (Romagna style) by Giorgia Lagosti

Cappellacci of Pumpkin (Romagna style)  For this first course we recommend our Fiaba, fruity and savory white wine, blend of Chardonnay and Rebola. In our opinion, perfect to pair and rebalance the sweet taste given by the pumpkin. INGREDIENTS for the filling (for 8 people) 600 grams of baked and pureed pumpkin 100 grams of[…]

Squid Ink Spaghetti with Poveracce (Clams) by Giorgia Lagosti

Squid Ink Spaghetti with Poveracce (Local Clams)   It’s an excellent sea main course, as well as classic of the Romagna tradition. We suggest you pair it with our Smembar Bianco, savory and fresh. INGREDIENTS (for 4 people) 320 grams of squid ink spaghetti (or even tagliolini) 1 kilogram of clams 1 bunch of parsley 2[…]

Tagliatelle with ragout by Maria Galassi

Tagliatelle with ragout (Bolognese sauce) According to a Bolognese legend, tagliatelle were invented by the Bolognese master Zefirano, personal chef of Giovanni II Bentivoglio, for the marriage of his son Hannibal with Lucrezia, natural daughter of the Duke of Ferrara. To inspire this gluttonous preparation nothing less than the soft blonde hair of the young woman,[…]

Roast Chicken with Herbs, Olives and Pine Nuts by Giorgia Lagosti

Roast chicken with herbs, olives and pine nuts this dish of the Romagna tradition we have paired it with Paternus, our Sangiovese Superiore from the bordolese cut. A wine that presents a bouquet of red fruits, currants, plum, sweet spices and white pepper; in mouth fruity notes and spices, elegant tannins. INGREDIENTS 1 chicken of[…]

Sea Bass Escalopes, mashed Potatoes and sautéed with Shallots, Parsley emulsion by Giorgia Lagosti

Sea bass escalopes (or bream)  this delicate dish we matched with the white of Smembar line. Fruity and fresh, it’s fine with seafood. A fresh wine born from a wise mix of three vines that has a bouquet of elder and white flowers. INGREDIENTS (for 4 people) 4 sea bass of about 450/500 grams each, scaled[…]

Cremoso di Riso, Zucca e Roquefort

Pumpkin risotto and Roquefort  Smembar without sulfites, Sangiovese Superiore with no added sulfites. Scents of bread crust and notes of hay will be enhanced by the presence of a rich cheese flavor. Soft tannins make it even more enjoyable the combination on the palate. INGREDIENTS • 320 g of baldo organic semi-wholemeal rice • 600 g[…]